lunes, 4 de enero de 2010

Time Warner: How to Connect Your PC to TV

Well, now isn't this interesting? Of course those of us in the Home Theater crowd have been doing this for a long time but now Time Warner showing you how to connect your PC to your TV?! Did a very warm place freeze over while I wasn't looking? There has been talk in recent days that Fox may pull it's programming from TW and I suppose TW would rather have you getting the content over their Internet network rather than ditching them all together and putting up an ATSC antenna. Still, a curious development. Do they expect other networks to follow Fox and that is why they put this up? They also have a handy PDF: Learn how to connect your PC to your TV by printing these directions.

Time Warner has a site called that you can put your zip code into and see if you will be affected by these changes.

Here is the video:

More on these developments here: Time Warner Cable Shows Subscribers How to Cut the Cord

UPDATE 01JAN10: EngadgetHD is now reporting that Fox & Time Warner Cable cut a deal:

We can finally stand down from our posts. After extended negotiations, Fox has made a deal with Time Warner Cable that will keep its programming on their and Bright House Networks. No word on any details, but we assume the ultra contentious websites will soon disappear as détente is the new word of the day.

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